Consistency is Key

As we approach the New Year, everyone will be sharing their tips and tricks for reaching goals, doing it all, and accomplishing everything on their to-do list. At Lee Hemp, we’re here to help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions, through better sleep, reducing anxiety and stress, and promoting a more effective workout recovery. Today we’re going to be talking about our intention for 2024, and some ways you can work toward your goals in a realistic, manageable way. 

Find Intentionality 

Have you heard of setting an intention word for the year instead of a New Year’s resolution? Intention words are an amazing way to be, well, intentional in your choices and actions for the year ahead without setting lofty goals that are potentially abandoned before January comes to a close. 

With 2024 upon us, we’re here to recommend choosing a word to focus on during the year to guide your actions, decisions, and thoughts over New Year’s resolutions like “lose weight”, “work out every day”, “sleep more” or “keep my garage organized”. Although these resolutions are amazing, if you set them without intention, they’re easy to abandon, and become a distant memory as February rolls around. 

Our word this year is consistency. Consistency is, in fact, key - for everything we do. Consistency is the difference between working out every day sounding nice on paper and actually happening. It is what will keep the boxes in your garage in order, no matter how much you think about keeping them organized. 

Consistency is what will help your CBD use make a difference in your life. As we often discuss, CBD can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, help you sleep better, and even help you recover more efficiently after a hard workout. What’s important to know about CBD is that without consistency, you might experience a few benefits a few times, but to see a difference in your anxiety, your workout recovery, or even long-term sleep benefits, you need to be using it consistently. 

Some people dose once a day, others microdose, and some have a morning and evening CBD routine that keeps it built up in their systems and helps them get all of the great benefits CBD has to offer. We recommend morning and night for dosing, as you’ll get a sufficient dose (.5 ml is a great place to start and increase from there), and it’s easy to remember to take during your morning and bedtime routines. 

Getting started

Pick a CBD that works for your needs (we have a great list here!) and store it in a place where you’ll remember to use it. You can start with a lower dose (.5ml is a great starting point) once or twice a day and set a reminder or alarm on your phone to remember to take it. As you see how your body responds, you can start upping the volume of the dose until you find what works best for you. Again, the most important part of taking CBD is consistency. Make it a functional part of your routine and you’ll see the best benefits!

Maintaining Consistency

Consistency is key for more than just CBD, and you’ll see great benefits in every aspect of your life if you apply consistency. Want to get in better shape? You’ll need to eat well consistently, maintain a good workout routine (heck, even walking every day is a great option for many people!), and get back on track if you miss a day or two. Resolutions can be hard if you give up after missing a day, and focusing on an 80/20 approach may be the most realistic and attainable way to meet your goals. 

An 80/20 approach focuses on hitting your goal 80% of the time, with 20% of the time allowing for regular life to happen. Imagine you set a goal of going to the gym 5 days per week for an hour each day. An 80/20 approach would allow some flexibility where you aim to go for 5 days per week, but maybe only hit 45 minutes of your workout time because of life, or you end up working out 3 days per week for 60 minutes because of work or appointments, rather than giving up if you can’t make 5 days per week for an hour each day. With CBD, an 80/20 approach would look like aiming to take CBD twice per day, 7 days per week, but allowing for flexibility if it doesn’t always happen. Did you miss an evening dose? That’s okay - just take the regular amount in the morning, and aim to start the routine up again the next evening. The 80/20 approach is great with eating plans or diets, where you focus on eating well 80% of the time, and then 20% of the time go out to eat, enjoy a dessert, or eat something you wouldn’t regularly eat in your normal diet. 

80/20 allows for some flexibility, provides consistency, and can help you reach the goals you’re setting for the new year. It can be a wonderful way to start habits realistically without being too hard on yourself if you miss a day, skip a workout, or eat a cookie (or three). 

Wrapping Up

As we see resolutions being set this New Year, consider setting an intention word instead, like consistency. Here at Lee Hemp, we’re here to help you reach your New Year’s goals, and reduce stress, anxiety, and promote better sleep to help you accomplish everything you set out to do. From all of us at Lee Hemp, Happy New Year. 

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