Sleep Hygiene 101: Using CBD to Promote Great Sleep

Sleep Hygiene typically seems like one of those buzzwords you hear about but probably never implement. Maybe you’re busy and just have enough time to brush your teeth before your head hits your pillow, or maybe you’re someone who likes falling asleep to a TV show or podcast, or perhaps you just don’t sleep that much right now. Maybe you don’t even know what sleep hygiene is. 

Even if you’re in the throes of new parenthood, in a First Responder or Military job where you don’t often have the luxury of good consolidated sleep, sleep hygiene can make a huge difference on your overall health and well-being, and you can take small steps to help better your health.

Today we’re going to talk about what sleep hygiene is, ways you can get started implementing better sleep practices in your routine, and how CBD can help. 

Getting Started

You might be wondering what sleep hygiene even is, and why this all matters. Sleep Hygiene is essentially having a routine associated with your sleep before you even get in bed, and maintaining healthy habits to help promote good sleep. 

Some things you can start are:

Get sunlight in your eyes shortly after you wake up. 

Early morning sunlight can help reset your circadian rhythm, warm your body up (your body naturally cools off overnight), and helps your brain release cortisol. Sunlight first thing in the morning essentially reminds your body that it’s time to get the day started, and can help promote a better wake/sleep cycle.

Have a set wake and sleep time.

We know, we know, sleeping in on the weekends is one of those things that feels like a reward for a hard week. However, this can really mess with your sleep cycles and result in you being less rested on your days off. Sticking to a set sleep/wake schedule can help keep your circadian rhythm on track, and help your body stay in a good routine. Having a set bedtime can also help your body know it’s time for sleep. 

Strategize your day.

What do we mean by strategizing your day? Simple: make healthy swaps throughout your day to help your sleep in the long run. Avoid afternoon caffeine (6 hours or so before bed), and try to exercise two or more hours before bed to avoid being overstimulated and unable to fall asleep. Also, try to not eat right before bed. Avoid late afternoon naps and long naps, as these can interfere with your sleep pressure and can mess with your ability to fall asleep at bedtime.   

Routines are Key

Keeping a routine is really helpful for your overall sleep, and can help your body stay on track, meaning you’re better rested and feeling your best. Having a wind-down routine before bed (even if it’s as simple as brushing your teeth and putting on your favorite pajamas around the same time every night) and avoiding your phone (and other blue light) at least 30 minutes before bed can help your body know that it’s time for rest. Try to not fall asleep to a TV show, and don’t work in bed. Take 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep if you’re able and practice a breathing or meditation exercise, journaling or prayer, or even gentle relaxation stretching. The biggest thing you can do is have a consistent routine, avoid screens, and try to help your body gently relax into rest mode. 

How CBD Can Help

Having issues falling asleep, staying asleep, or even feeling tired? Our CBD can help

Did you know that studies have found that CBD can help you sleep better and that CBD can also help with insomnia

Adding CBD to your nighttime routine (about 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep) can help your body have better sleep, fall asleep faster, and help you stay asleep.

Products We Love for Sleep

Your best sleep aid for insomnia, or just to help you beat sleep deprivation is our CBD PM tincture, but we have options for every lifestyle.  

In our CBD PM tincture, we combined a strong dose of our full-spectrum hemp extract with several other herbal sleep aids. Valerian root & chamomile complement our CBD blend to give you the best night's rest. You can even maximize the sleep-inducing combo by taking 5mg of melatonin along with the tincture.

You can check out our CBD PM here!

Not into the combined oils? We can help. Our other tinctures can also help you get a great night of sleep. Our Broad Spectrum CBD is 100% THC-free and one dose (1-2 ml) an hour before bed can help support a better night's sleep. You can purchase our Broad Spectrum CBD here. 

If you want an option that isn’t CBD, we also have great melatonin products to help with insomnia for those nights when you just can’t sleep. 

Sleeping well can help your body heal faster, your mental health improve, and can help you perform better at work, exercise, and whatever else you need to conquer during your day. Sleep Hygiene can help a lot, and adding some CBD into your sleep routine can make all of the difference!

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